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Decentralized finance consultancy
NFTs and Metaverse strategy
Creative solutions for real world and Metaverse
Bridging Crypto – Fiat
Negotiations facilitation
Digital marketing
Strategy and development
What we do:
Immersive communication model
Incredible possibility to market products
Unique 3D experience of live – play model
Increasingly significant investment
Shape the future of services
Innovative opportunity to connect, sell and develop
Immersive digital experience
Your new space in Metaverse:
What we offer:
Universal Experience
Decentralization through connections
Flexibility and interoperability
Maximum creativity
Marketing advice
Strategic solutions
What we are:
IamFuture ecosystem
IamFuture DAO
IamFuture Investment Recommendation System
IamFairplay Validation Platform
Metaverse activities:
Main dimensions of
Live music, sporting events, gallery openings, and other forms of entertainment and culture are migrating into the virtual space.
enhancing the experience of feeling like you are actually with others, in a shared virtual space. Feeling of real time togetherness.
Social relationships
The intensely developing area of multidimensional action experience.
Expanding the possibilities of virtual workout experiences, from private personal trainers to group fitness classes.
Brand improvement
Visual ideas exchange and problem solving
Ultimate Shopping and marketing experience
Services for Defi and Web3:
Project management and transactions support
Trading facilitation
Audit and prediction
Your successful investment in blockchain and crypto industry
Artificial Intelligence solutions
Strategic Real estate management and consulting
Investment advice
Development and Launch of Your NFT, utility/security token
Bridge Defi – Fiat. Flexible solutions
Creative flexible solutions for traditional business landscape and Metaverse
Strategic consultancy and advice
Servicing traditional and Metaverse real estate: negotiations, transactions support and facilitation
Alternative investment: Exploring opportunities together
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